Welcome to Opalmoon Bog

You find yourself in the dark, murky depths of the subtropical forest of Opalmoon Bog, where lies a clearing with a decrepit and twisted tower at it's center.

The ancient building features four huge opalite orbs that are spaced several yards apart up every one of the tower's four corners, reflecting the light of the moon in a stunning display of colorful beams. About the tower's base, just in front of an arched doorway embossed with the phases of the moon, lay a few cots and cushions
that surrounds a large fire pit. Over the round door frame, there stands a wooden archway lined with rosey pink candles that never seem to burn out.

You are not the only wandering soul that has found their way here.

Despite the ancient bald cypress looming overhead and the thicket obscuring every other path out of the swamp, there is a home here,
and a surrounding settlement for lost travelers that gives the murky glade a surprisingly inviting warmth.

Once you have passed through the campsite and under the arch, you pull on the cresent shaped opalite handle of the heavy oak door and suddenly you are looking upon a wholely different realm.

There are quite a few more of the warm toned wax candles inside, but the tower's interior is still dimly lit. The light floral and cinnamon scent that you experience is a far cry away from the musk and mold of dry rotten trees in the swamp.

Ribbons and fairy lights drape across the ceiling from one corner to the other, dangling listlessly above piles of pillows and comforters that insulate the cold stone tower's inner chambers. The warm rose hue that most items inside have is accented with dapples of ivory and lavender, with some rare glints of pale gold and cornflower blue. Some bubbly chimes faintly tickle your ears, and you nearly have forgotten about the harsh elements of the forest that you left behind.

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