About the Specter

Hello and Welcome! This website is my little creative personal space that I'm still putting together.

My name is Gregg, I'm white and native american mixed, 30 and disabled. Because I have PCOS, PTSD and ADHD, I can be inconsistent at keeping up with my hobbies, but I like art, crafts, writing, gardening, and various cartoons and video games.

I love paranormal horror too, as evident by the ghost graphic on this site, but I'm very picky.
The little ghastly character on my home page and on most of my web icons is my current avatar, Swampy. They appear in many different forms, but the cute cross between a spirit and a stuffed rabbit is what they usually will look like.

On the links page you can find out how to contact me, social platforms I'm on, and links to my friends' pages, including that of my absolute favorite space alien demon cat and best friend ever!! Here's art that he made of me, it's set as my icon on most websites I'm on;

Click the image to go directly to Mik's website.

Feel free to drop a message in the Minnit Chat, send me an email or add me on Discord if you want to ask about any specific interests we may share.